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Revolutionary Laser 3D Technology - A new age of Printing for Solar Cells & Electronics

Striving towards a brighter future, Utilight's innovative technology aims to increase solar cell efficiency and reduce material use, reducing the cost per watt of solar electricity. As todays leading PV (Photovoltaic) cell manufacturers have reached the limits of conventional screen printing metallization processes for solar cells; PV manufacturers must adopt new ways to promise substantial efficiency gains in order to be competitive within this thriving market.















Efficiency increase: Utilight has developed an innovative disruptive technology and named it PTP™ (pattern transfer printing), which is a game changing functional printing method, applicable for high-volume manufacturing of solar PV cells.

(e.g. 25th and 15µm height) using this revolutionary patent pendingwidµ light induced deposition technology, which is also non-contact and high throughput, enabling an immediate increase in solar cell conversion efficiency (lower shadowing effect) while using standard industry pastes and processes.PTP™ prints patterned features with high aspect ratios

Cost reduction: PTP™ non-contact accurately aligned printing (e.g. ±10µm for selective emitter (SE)), while increasing conversion efficiency, enables cost reduction through significant reduction of the amounts of silver paste used, eliminating wafer breakage and enabling the use of thinner wafers, thus dramatically lowering the costs of cells and modules (in $/Wp).  

HVM Ready: Changing Everything without Changing Your Operation: While PTP™ uses a revolutionary approach towards the metallization of c-Si PV cells; its implementation is designed for a quick and smooth assimilation within existing High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) production lines - using the same metal pastes and production sequences and maintaining cell durability and bankability. That makes Utilight’s PTP™ HVM Ready. Using PTP™ in your production allows changing everything yet hardly changing anything at all.

PTP™ eliminates current manufacturing drawbacks, raising the bar beyond the capabilities of conventional screen printing and taking the PV industry’s roadmap (ITRPV) 5 years ahead.

PTP™ cross-platform technology - Initial implementation is intended for solar cell manufacturers, yet the core technology of PTP™ could be used for various other applications in the electronics industry, including device packaging, touch screens and RFID. 


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